Jo Pitkin


Mom Egg Review
"Village: Cinnamon Rice" was published in Mom Egg Review
Nimrod Awards cover
“Village: Bag of Babkas” was judged semi-finalist in The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry and published in Nimrod International Journal, Awards 41
Stone Canoe cover
“Fishing at Bridgeside” was published in Stone Canoe: A Journal of Arts, Literature, and Social Commentary
Southern Humanites cover
“Waiting for an Airmail Letter” and “Goldfinch” were published in Southern Humanities Review
Salamander cover
“Village: Persistence” and “Village: White Money” were published in Salamander
NY Review of Books cover
“Parakeets in Woolworth’s” was published in the The New York Review of Books
Crab Orchard Review cover
“Route Book” was published in Crab Orchard Review, Due North issue;
Little Star cover
“Luna Moths” was published in Little Star


Poetry of Capiial cover
"Village: White Money," "Village: Can Collector," "Village: Food Chain," and "Village: Closure" were published in The Poetry of Capital: Voices from Twenty-First-Century America edited by Benjamin S. Grossberg and Clare Rossini
Like Light cover
“Village: Even the Trees” and “Reading Baudelaire in My Backyard” were published in Like Light: 25 Years of Poetry & Prose By Bright Hill Poets & Writers
Even The Daybreak cover
“Ferry” was published in Even the Daybreak: 35 Years of Salmon Poetry
Lilly Ledbetter cover
“Bird, Moon, Engine” was published in Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace
A Slant of Light cover
“Islanded” was published in A Slant of Light
Riverine cover
“Heron” and “Stone House” were published in Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers